This website is intended as an international forum for service providers and organizations to obtain and share information concerning the development and administration of collaborative, community based interventions for hoarding disorder, including animal hoarding.

Communities around the world are beginning to recognize that hoarding disorder and related animal hoarding is a problem that requires a coordinated, collaborative effort from many different public and private systems.   These communities are discovering that a Hoarding Task Force approach is an effective method of addressing these complex issues.

Hoarding task forces, collaboratives, networks and work groups are springing up in many geographic areas, from remote rural districts to burroughs and neighborhoods in urban areas.  Some are strictly comprised of governmental agencies, many others include public and private organizations.  Some have immediate success, others struggle.  Some individuals and organizational representatives want to start these efforts but are not sure how to begin.

We hope that task forces and other organizations that work collaboratively to impact hoarding participate in this effort to improve community-based hoarding interventions by sharing the challenges, successes, and lessons learned in the development and operation of their association.